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Affordable outdoor fitness for ALL abilities!!

(only for outdoor sessions)

It doesn’t matter if you are a serious iron man competitor or someone who hasn’t looked at a pair of trainers since school. Operation Fitness is dedicated to ensuring all abilities are met with the training they require.

When you attend Operation Fitness you will find three buckets containing three different bib colours:

Blue – this is highlighting to the instructor you are either a beginner, returning from an injury or have just given birth. The blue bib sessions are made up of more technical┬áteaching and more rest periods.

Red – you will wear the red bib if you are currently completing 2-3 exercise sessions per week. The instructor will work with you to take you slightly out of your comfort zone along with confirming your full range of movement and technique is correct.

Black – the instructors constantly challenge you, as soon as you wear a black bib be aware no session will ever be the same again. This is very high intensity training with very little rest periods. This is great if you’re currently training to a high standard and want to be pushed further. Art Work - VestsRow

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